Friday, November 20, 2015

Cleaning up in Las Vegas with Advance

Looking back on ISSA-Interclean 2015

From Oct 20-23 more than 16,000 suppliers, technology experts and cleaning industry peers packed the world’s largest cleaning industry trade show floor in Las Vegas. It was the perfect stage to showcase the newest innovations from Advance:

Efficient, effective, quiet:The Advance SC500 Walk-Behind Scrubber

Walk-behind scrubbers are often criticized for being loud and cumbersome, but ISSA visitors to the Advance booth soon learned that those days are over. Our demonstrations showed that the Advance SC500 Walk-Behind Scrubber is one of the quietest scrubbers available today, making it perfect for daytime cleaning. Yet it cleans quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Call your local Advance dealer or or click here to learn more about the Advance SC500.

Do it all with a single machine:
The ES4000 Total Carpet Care System

Facility managers everywhere have at least one thing in common: they want to clean faster and more efficiently. That’s exactly why ISSA attendees were so impressed with the Advance ES4000 Total Carpet Care System. Ideal for everything from daily carpet care to full restorative extractions, the ES4000 can actually improve productivity over walk-behind sweepers and extractors by up 400%. It’s designed to cut your cost-to-clean by doing the same amount of work as multiple conventional carpet sweeper/extractors. That’s why we call it a Total Carpet Care solution.

Call your Advance dealer or click here to learn more about the ES400™ Total Carpet Care System.

Advance is committed to moving cleaning forward, and this year’s ISSA show demonstrated that once again. See the rest of Advance’s complete line of floor machines at and find the perfect cleaning solution for your facility. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweeping Beauty: Part 2

The Advance SW8000™

In our previous blog post we began to cover some of the innovative, user-friendly features of the Advance SW8000 Sweeper/Rider. As a follow-up, we’d like to delve further into what makes the SW8000 so productive and efficient.

One of the most attractive features of the SW8000™, along with a 77-inch sweeping path and the industry’s only available variable speed side brooms, is its ability to keep dust contained using a unique 5-stage system known as DustClear™. This way, dust is less likely to find its way onto unwanted surfaces such as cars, products ready for shipment, and even the exterior of the sweeper itself. It’s an incredible, long-awaited step forward in sweeper technology.

Here’s a breakdown of the DustClear™ system:

Stage 1: DustGuard™
The first stage of DustClear™
 is DustGuard, which can suppress dust by up to 70% by trapping it in a fine water mist before it can become airborne.
Stage 2: The Vacuumized Main Boom Chamber
Dirt and dust is pulled up toward the chamber, keeping it contained and unable to escape.
Stage 3: AirFlow™ Labyrinth
Dust flows smoothly and efficiently along a contoured, unobstructed and tightly sealed path into the chamber.
Stage 4: Nanofiber Technology Dust Filter
Once the dust enters the chamber, the air is then cycled out through a fine and extremely efficient filter.
Stage 5: AirFlow Restoration System
The patented Liberator™ shaker design changes shaking frequency for better dust removal and airflow restoration.

The SW8000™ Rider Sweeper is the most advanced and innovative industrial-class ride-on sweeper money can buy, ideal for facilities such as manufacturing plants, parking ramps and university grounds. That’s why, when you need to clean large surfaces quickly and efficiently with minimal dust, there is no better choice than the Advance SW8000. It’s every facility manager’s dream come true.

To learn more about how the Advance SW8000™ can help move your cleaning program forward, visit